Telon MR by Bonasila

Bring an allure to your garden with big size garden pots

These huge planter pots are designed to make a statement, drawing the eye of any individual and adding height to your garden or interior space. With a range of sizes available for these FRP stylish pots, you can create a captivating display of tall flowers or even small trees.

Telon MR Frp Planter

Telon MR

A : top width, B : bottom width, C : maximum width, H : height
Name Price A B C H
Telon 30MR 11850 10" 7" 12.5" 30"
Telon 20MR 9750 10" 7" 12.5" 20"
Telon 10MR 7515 10" 7" 12.5" 10"
Name Price A B C H
Telon 30MR 11850 254mm 177mm 317mm 762mm
Telon 20MR 9750 254mm 177mm 317mm 508mm
Telon 10MR 7515 254mm 177mm 317mm 254mm
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