Aldero MR by Bonasila

Bring an essence of harmony to your space with large pots for plants

Introduce a touch of contemporary elegance with our designer plant pots. Ideal for lining walkways, or framing entrances, these designer pots for indoor plants offer a clean and sophisticated look. The elongated shape of these designer modern indoor plant pots allows for creative planting arrangements, enabling you to showcase an array of flora while maintaining a sleek aesthetic.

Aldero MR Frp Planter

Aldero MR

A : top width, B : bottom width, C : maximum width, H : height
Name Price A B C H
Aldero 25MR 11655 14.5" 16" - 25"
Aldero 20MR 9150 14" 15" - 20"
Aldero 15MR 7275 13" 14" - 15"
Aldero 11MR 4380 10" 11" - 11.5"
Name Price A B C H
Aldero 25MR 11655 368mm 406mm - 635mm
Aldero 20MR 9150 356mm 381mm - 508mm
Aldero 15MR 7275 320mm 356mm - 381mm
Aldero 11MR 4380 254mm 279mm - 292mm
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